Yelp Crowns Kimchi Red King of Georgia’s Fried Chicken

A recent Yelp ranking has ruffled feathers (in the best way possible) for fried chicken enthusiasts across the nation.

Kimchi Red, a Korean fried chicken restaurant located in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been declared the top spot for best fried chicken in the entire country according to the source Yelp

This prestigious recognition highlights the growing popularity of Korean fried chicken and Kimchi Red’s unique take on the classic dish.

Kimchi Red’s secret weapon lies in its fusion approach. They elevate the traditional fried chicken experience with a variety of Korean-inspired flavors.

Diners can choose from an exciting selection that goes beyond the expected buttermilk and spice, venturing into options like sweet and spicy gochujang, savory garlic soy sauce, or a fiery habanero glaze.

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Each piece boasts a flawlessly crispy exterior that yields to juicy, perfectly cooked chicken.

Customer satisfaction extends beyond the delicious fare. Yelp reviewers consistently laud Kimchi Red’s fast and friendly service, solidifying it as a go-to destination for a casual yet exceptional dining experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned fried chicken connoisseur or simply seeking a novel culinary adventure, Kimchi Red is a must-try. So, forego the generic bucket and head to Alpharetta for a taste that will have you rethinking fried chicken forever.

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