Tragic DUI Crash: Driver Gets 30 Years for Killing Girl and Grandmother

In a case that has deeply affected the Ventura County community, Jacob Anthony Caliboso, 25, has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for a 2020 DUI crash that claimed the lives of Elva Andrade, 55, and her 7-year-old granddaughter, Nevaeh Gomez.

The sentence was handed down by Ventura County Superior Court Judge Paul Feldman, who chose the maximum penalty for Caliboso’s crimes.

According to source, The crash occurred on June 22, 2020, when Caliboso, under the influence of Xanax and marijuana, crossed the center line of Pleasant Valley Road and collided head-on with Andrade’s scooter.

Both Andrade and Nevaeh were wearing helmets, but the impact was devastating. Andrade died at the scene, while Nevaeh passed away the following day at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

During the nearly two-hour sentencing hearing, emotions ran high as eight family members delivered victim impact statements. Andrea Jimenez, Nevaeh’s mother and Andrade’s daughter, spoke of the profound loss and pain inflicted by Caliboso’s actions.

“Jacob killed my mother instantly and left my daughter to suffer,” she told the judge, her voice breaking with emotion.

Jimenez expressed her heartbreak, wishing she could tell her daughter one more time that she loved her and give her a hug. “Her life was cut way too short. She was an innocent child,” Jimenez said, adding that the deaths have left her with nightmares and constant worry.

The courtroom was filled with tears as family members, friends of the victims, and supporters of the defendant listened to the statements. Veronica Rucobo, Nevaeh’s paternal grandmother, spoke of the immense void left by the loss of her only grandchild.

“We’re not going to hear her laughter,” Rucobo said. “There will be no elementary school graduations. We’re robbed of those moments.”

A poignant moment came when the last video of Andrade and Nevaeh together, walking on a beach, was shown during the victim’s statements. The sight of the happy duo brought tears to many eyes, highlighting the precious moments stolen by the tragic accident.

Some relatives criticized Caliboso for his lack of remorse and reckless disregard for others’ lives, citing his frequent DUI incidents. Many of those who read impact statements said they could not forgive him.

Caliboso’s attorney, Ron Bamieh, sought a shorter sentence, arguing that his client suffered from depression, addiction, and immaturity, but was not inherently evil. However, Judge Feldman remained unconvinced.

“I don’t think he fully grasped what he did,” Feldman said, citing Caliboso’s long history of driving under the influence and his misconduct during incarceration.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Caliboso had posted over 1,000 Snapchat videos and photos showing his drug use and reckless driving in the weeks leading up to the crash.

Nearly a dozen of these posts were made on the day of the fatal incident. This evidence was pivotal in convincing the jury of Caliboso’s reckless behavior.

Deputy District Attorney Stephanie Leija emphasized Caliboso’s frequent DUI offenses and his continued misconduct during incarceration, calling for the maximum sentence. She highlighted an incident where Caliboso was caught trying to obtain an opiate from another inmate, as well as other jail rule violations.

After the hearing, Leija expressed satisfaction with the sentence, stating it sent a strong message about the serious consequences of driving under the influence. Jimenez, the mother of the young victim, called the sentence a victory. “It doesn’t bring my mother and daughter back, but it brings some kind of peace,” she said.

A restitution hearing is scheduled for July 9, with approximately $32,000 being sought to reimburse Jimenez for funeral costs and travel expenses related to the trial. This amount does not include additional claims to the California Victim Compensation Board.

Caliboso will be transported to Wasco State Prison following his stay at the Todd Road Jail facility. This case serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of driving under the influence and the importance of holding offenders accountable.

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DUI driver sentenced to 30 years for crash that killed girl, 7, and grandmother

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