Swiftie Love: Superfan Crafts 120 Friendship Bracelets for Taylor Swift’s Edinburgh Show

Kayleigh Gore, a 33-year-old lecturer from Teesside, Middlesbrough, is gearing up for an unforgettable experience at Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour in Edinburgh. With excitement coursing through her veins, Gore has crafted 120 friendship bracelets to swap or give away to fellow Swifties at the concert.

This heartfelt gesture is inspired by a lyric from Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” which has sparked a global trend among fans.

The tradition of making and trading friendship bracelets at Swift’s concerts has added a unique layer of camaraderie and connection among fans.

Gore, who will attend the concert with three friends, began creating her extensive collection in November. This concert marks a significant milestone for her, as it will be her first time seeing Taylor Swift perform live, despite being a dedicated fan since Swift’s debut album release in 2006.

Gore, who teaches psychology at a sixth-form college, shared her journey with the PA news agency. “I started making the bracelets around November, December because I’d seen a lot of the people when she was on tour in America at the time, were doing it there,” she explained.

With the concert months away, she initially made bracelets sporadically but intensified her efforts over the past few months, crafting them two to three times a week.

As the concert date approaches, Gore has simplified her designs to increase her output. “So far, I’ve got about 120. As we’ve got closer to the date, I’ve started to do very simple ones because I was trying to get as many as possible so I can swap or give away as many as possible on Saturday,” she said.

Swiftie Love: Superfan Crafts 120 Friendship Bracelets for Taylor Swift’s Edinburgh Show

Gore’s bracelets are adorned with beads spelling out song lyrics and titles from each of Taylor Swift’s 11 albums.

“I realized when I started making them that I was making a lot based on my favorite songs and my favorite albums but because I wanted to swap them with fans and we all have different favorites, I then made a list of songs from each album and worked my way through,” she added. Her collection now includes pieces representing every album Swift has released.

Understanding that not all fans have the time or resources to make their own bracelets, Gore is open to sharing her creations freely. “I’ve seen a couple of people on TikTok who haven’t had time to make any, so if they can’t trade and they just want to take some of mine, I’m perfectly happy with that,” she said.

Logistics for transporting 120 bracelets to the venue require some planning. Gore has enlisted the help of her three friends to carry the bracelets and plans to use clips to attach them to her bag.

“Because I’ve got so many, I’ve already told my friends they are going to have to carry some for me,” she noted. “I think I could get at least half of them on my bag with the clips.”

The anticipation for the concert has been an emotional journey for Gore. “I’m very excited, I’ve been a fan since her debut, so about 2006, and this is the first time I’m going to get to see her live,” she said. The significance of the event has led to moments of overwhelming emotion.

“I’m getting more and more emotional as we get closer to the date and I’ve been listening to the setlist in my car. Every time certain songs come on which are my favorites I start tearing up because I’m so excited to see it live.”

Gore’s dedication and enthusiasm are a testament to the deep connection fans have with Taylor Swift’s music and the sense of community it fosters. The act of making and trading friendship bracelets has become a beloved tradition, symbolizing the bonds formed through shared musical experiences.

As the concert day nears, the excitement in the air is palpable. Gore and her friends are ready to immerse themselves in the magic of the Eras tour, equipped with 120 handmade tokens of friendship and fandom. This event promises to be a memorable chapter in Gore’s lifelong journey as a Swiftie, celebrating the music and the community that Taylor Swift has inspired.

In conclusion, Kayleigh Gore’s story exemplifies the passion and creativity that Taylor Swift’s music ignites in her fans. The tradition of crafting and exchanging friendship bracelets adds a unique and personal touch to the concert experience, highlighting the special connection between Swift and her audience.

As Gore prepares to attend her first Taylor Swift concert, her excitement and dedication shine through, making this event a truly memorable occasion.

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