Mystery at the Marina: Police Suspect Foul Play in Mother’s Suspicious Death

League City, Texas – The League City Police Department has launched an investigation into the death of Giselle Salazar-Tapia, a 30-year-old mother of four, whose body was found hanging from a dock at the Wharf Marina on the afternoon of Friday, May 31.

Authorities are now treating her death as a suspicious case of foul play. Neighbors discovered Salazar-Tapia’s body partially submerged in the water, prompting a swift response from local law enforcement.

Lt. Eric Cox of the League City Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division has provided key details surrounding the circumstances of her death.

“Her arm was found suspended up in the air, and there was nothing holding it there,” Cox explained. “We believe she probably passed away with her arm extended above her head like that, and then rigor mortis had set in prior to her being placed like that.”

Salazar-Tapia had been living on her boyfriend James Hart’s boat, which was docked at the marina since March. Lt. Cox stated that detectives do not believe Salazar-Tapia hanged herself but instead think her body was staged to appear as though she had died by suicide after she had passed away elsewhere.

The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation, which includes awaiting toxicology results. These results will take several weeks to determine Salazar-Tapia’s exact cause of death.

In the meantime, Salazar-Tapia’s family is seeking justice. Her sister, Esperanza Alegria, made an emotional plea, stating, “I just want everyone to know my sister didn’t do this to herself.

She didn’t commit suicide. We just want justice for her. We want whoever is responsible, who did this to my sister, to be charged for what they did to her.”

Lt. Cox mentioned that the police had identified two persons of interest in the case. These individuals are believed to have had close interactions with Salazar-Tapia during her time living at the marina. Both have been interviewed by detectives as part of the ongoing investigation.

James Hart, Salazar-Tapia’s boyfriend, has also been extensively questioned by the police. He expressed his frustration to ABC13, stating, “I would never hurt Giselle.”

According to the source, Salazar-Tapia left the boat to use the bathroom early on the morning of May 31, sometime after midnight and did not return. Hart claimed he searched for her in the marina’s bathrooms before going back to bed, assuming she had left for a few days.

Hart said he was unaware of his girlfriend’s fate until police recovered her body that afternoon. He also mentioned that his surveillance cameras, which might have provided crucial evidence, failed inexplicably before Salazar-Tapia’s death. One camera disappeared entirely, and the other was manually turned away from his boat.

Lt. Cox revealed that detectives are meticulously examining nearly 2,000 surveillance videos related to the case. The department hopes that by making the information public, anyone with additional evidence or knowledge will come forward to assist in the investigation.

Cox also noted that the department had been called to Hart’s boat several times in the past for disputes involving Salazar-Tapia, a fact corroborated by neighbors at the marina.

The community of League City remains on edge as the investigation unfolds. Salazar-Tapia’s tragic death has left a void in the lives of her four children and family members, who are desperate for answers and justice.

In conclusion, the League City Police Department continues to work tirelessly to uncover the truth behind Giselle Salazar-Tapia’s death. As the investigation progresses, authorities urge anyone with information to come forward.

Salazar-Tapia’s family, especially her sister Esperanza Alegria, remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice, hoping that the responsible party will be held accountable for this tragic loss.

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