Fishing Frenzy: Discover the Best Spots in DFW for Anglers

In an effort to promote outdoor recreation and family bonding, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has been diligently stocking several lakes across North Texas with a bounty of fish.

This initiative aims to provide accessible fishing opportunities in urban and suburban areas, making it easier for both novice anglers and seasoned veterans to enjoy a day by the water.

TPWD’s Inland Fisheries Division, under the guidance of Marcos DeJesus, Region Three Director, coordinates the stocking of 18 locations across Texas, with a significant focus on the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area.

This includes five lakes and ponds in DFW that are regularly stocked with catfish during the summer and rainbow trout in the winter months.

One such hotspot for fishing enthusiasts is City Lake Park in Mesquite, where up to 750 catfish are introduced every two weeks.

This ensures that there’s always plenty of action for anglers casting their lines into the park’s well-lit waters, conveniently located near amenities like picnic tables, parking, and restrooms, ensuring a comfortable outing for the whole family.

Raphael Brock, TPWD’s District Fishery Biologist for DFW, emphasizes the inclusive nature of these fishing spots. “We try to encourage families and individuals to come out and just enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy some fishing,” he states.

With kids under 17 fishing for free and adults needing only a fishing license, these lakes are ideal for introducing new generations to the joys of angling.

According to the source, each location is carefully chosen to enhance accessibility and enjoyment. Whether you’re a first-time fisherman looking to learn the ropes or a veteran angler seeking to pass on your skills to others, these lakes provide the perfect setting.

The seasonal stocking schedule ensures that there’s always something biting, whether it’s catfish in the warmer months or rainbow trout during the cooler season.

For those interested in taking part, TPWD’s website ( offers comprehensive information on rules and regulations to ensure a safe and responsible fishing experience. It’s a testament to TPWD’s commitment to conservation and community engagement, fostering a love for the outdoors among Texans of all ages.

As summer heats up, TPWD temporarily pauses catfish stocking in August to ensure the health and well-being of the fish. This brief hiatus allows the lakes to maintain their populations while preparing for the next wave of eager anglers as cooler weather approaches.

In conclusion, TPWD’s initiative to stock DFW’s neighborhood lakes with hundreds of fish stands as a beacon of outdoor recreation in urban and suburban Texas.

Whether you’re casting your first line or teaching a friend or family member the art of angling, these stocked lakes offer a gateway to outdoor adventure right in your backyard. So grab your gear, check the stocking schedule, and head out to enjoy a day of fishing in the heart of North Texas.

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