Father of Two Ambushed: Dallas Police Seek Public’s Help

Disclaimer: This article contains information about a violent crime. Reader discretion is advised. The information provided is according to the source article.

A father of two is dead after being ambushed from behind in a horrific incident. Dallas detectives are urging the public to help track down his killers.

The tragic shooting happened just after midnight on June 7 at an apartment complex located at 1301 West Wheatland in the Red Bird area of Dallas. The victim, Keylon Brown, had just dropped off his family and was parking his vehicle when the attack occurred.

“The victim, Keylon Brown, had just dropped his family off. He was coming to park his vehicle,” explained Dallas Police Detective Theodore Gross.

“As he was parking his vehicle, a silver sedan, which we believe to be a Lexus, possibly a 2004 model, parks outside of the complex. And three suspects dressed in all black exit the vehicle.”

According to Det. Gross, the three suspects in the silver sedan were armed with a pistol and a rifle. They parked outside the complex, seemingly waiting for Brown.

“He had just dropped off his family. As he was getting his property out of his car, another video shows them actually staging behind this building, waiting for him.

And as they see their opportunity, they walk up… two of the three guys walked up on him,” the detective detailed. “And with his back turned, they executed him.”

According to the source, Brown was a father of two, including a newborn. He was working on getting his life back on track and was committed to taking care of his family.

“He was trying to get his life back together and was taking care of his family and doing right, and these people show up and decided they were going to end that,” Gross said. “What we need is the public’s assistance to help identify the silver Lexus sedan.

Witnesses here at the complex actually say they have seen that vehicle here recently this week. We need them to help identify that as well as anybody who was involved in this offense.”

Detective Gross emphasized the importance of community assistance in solving this case. Anyone with information is urged to contact him directly at (469) 792-5142 or via email at [email protected].

“We don’t have any reason as to why this happened yet. But from what we can tell, this was an ambush. This was a horrific incident that happened to Mr. Brown,” Gross added.

This tragic event has left a family in mourning and a community seeking justice. The details surrounding the incident paint a grim picture of an execution-style killing, leaving many to question the motive behind such a senseless act.

Detectives continue to piece together the timeline of events leading up to the shooting, relying heavily on witness accounts and any surveillance footage available. The silver Lexus sedan seen at the scene is a crucial piece of evidence, and the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and its occupants is critical.

The incident has also sparked discussions about safety and crime in the Red Bird area. Residents are on edge, knowing that such a violent crime occurred in their community. The police presence in the area has increased as detectives work tirelessly to find those responsible.

Keylon Brown’s family is left grappling with the loss of a father, partner, and friend. The community’s support and cooperation could make a significant difference in bringing the perpetrators to justice and providing some semblance of closure to the grieving family.

The Dallas Police Department continues to encourage anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward. Tips can be submitted anonymously, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of those willing to help.

In memory of Keylon Brown, the community’s solidarity and willingness to assist law enforcement can turn the tide in this investigation. The hope is that justice will be served, and such a tragedy will not be repeated.

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