Chase to Tragedy: Body Cam Footage Reveals Fatal Pursuit in Anne Arundel County

The Independent Investigations Division of the Maryland Office of the Attorney General has released body camera footage capturing a police pursuit that led to a fatal crash in Anne Arundel County last month. This footage, made public on Tuesday, provides a detailed look at the May 13 incident in Harwood.

The chase began early in the morning, around 5:35 a.m. when Calvert County Sheriff’s Office deputies Michael Lewis and Wyatt McDowell responded to reports of car break-ins in Huntingtown.

Deputies attempted to stop a vehicle believed to be linked to these break-ins near the intersection of Plum Point and Ridge roads, but the vehicle fled, prompting a pursuit.

The body camera footage shows a high-speed chase that lasted for approximately 25 miles, culminating at the intersection of Birdsville and Solomons Island roads in Harwood. It was here that the fleeing vehicle collided with a pickup truck, resulting in a tragic outcome.

According to the source, the driver of the pursued vehicle was critically injured and rushed to a hospital. Sadly, the front-seat passenger, identified as a juvenile female, was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The rear passenger and the driver of the pickup truck sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were also hospitalized.

This incident is currently under investigation by the Independent Investigations Division, a unit responsible for examining police-related deaths in Maryland. The release of the body camera footage is part of the Division’s commitment to transparency and accountability in such cases.

The footage provides a stark and sobering view of the events leading up to the fatal crash. It starts with the deputies’ initial attempt to stop the suspect vehicle, capturing the tense moments as the driver attempts to evade law enforcement.

The high-speed pursuit unfolds over various terrains and through multiple intersections, highlighting the risks involved in such chases.

Throughout the footage, the urgency and danger of the situation are palpable. Deputies Lewis and McDowell can be seen coordinating their efforts to apprehend the suspect while ensuring public safety.

The chase reaches its tragic climax at Birdsville and Solomons Island roads, where the suspect vehicle’s collision with the pickup truck occurs.

The Independent Investigations Division will scrutinize every aspect of the pursuit, including the decision to initiate the chase and the actions of all parties involved. This investigation aims to determine if proper protocols were followed and if any procedural changes are needed to prevent future tragedies.

This release of body camera footage has sparked a broader conversation about the use of high-speed pursuits by law enforcement. Critics argue that such chases pose significant dangers to public safety, while proponents maintain that they are sometimes necessary to apprehend dangerous suspects.

The incident has also brought renewed attention to the importance of body cameras in policing. These devices provide crucial evidence and enhance transparency, allowing the public and oversight bodies to review the actions of law enforcement officers.

In response to the release of the footage, community members and local officials have expressed their condolences to the families affected by the crash. There have been calls for a thorough investigation and a review of policies regarding police pursuits.

This tragic event underscores the risks associated with police pursuits and the devastating consequences they can have.

As the investigation continues, the community awaits answers and hopes for measures that will improve safety and accountability in law enforcement practices.

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